My name is Joel Gray. Born in Sydney Australia - I have enjoyed the creativity of photography since I was a kid and I come from a large family of professional and amateur photographers. A perfectionist by nature I am always setting goals to be consistently better.

When I take a photo, my goal is to showcase the personality of the people or person in the image. This is easier said than done as most people are not comfortable in-front of the camera.

People in-love have especially powerful chemistry and I love creating a visual showcase of their story. I prefer a more natural candid approach than a continually posed look.

If you are like me, most people actually dont feel comfortable in front of the camera, so if you leave the day thinking it was so much more fun and rewarding than anticipated, then I have achieved my goal.

There is SO much more to creating beautiful images than just pulling out an expensive camera and holding down the shutter button and hoping for a good one.

Knowing how the light on the day effects the image and composing elements in or out of the background makes all the difference. There is also time spent after the shoot collating and editing images where needed. I am the type of person that believes in going above and beyond what was promised wherever I possibly can.

Attention to detail and experience is what helps deliver powerful images which become beautiful memories - for you or your children, your grandparents or friends.

If you are a couple who are thinking of getting engaged or married. I can provide you with high-quality affordable photography for your big day.

If you have any questions about what I do please message me through the CONTACT page or call me anytime on 1800 82 9994. You can also request a QUOTE by clicking the button below.