Having a Professional Headshot Photo - 5 Benefits

Finish this line “First impressions…..”

I don’t care if you sell toilet paper or if you’re a doctor, the reality is that if you want to have ANY type of respectable presence, you absolutely NEED a professional headshot.

And don’t think for a moment that it matters how big your business is. Professional headshots work great for teams of all sizes and individuals.

Here are a few reasons why:


Do you prefer to buy from a faceless company? Or do you prefer to buy from a personal brand? 

A Professional Headshot give you a unique individual brand while you’re “at your best” in the shortest time possible.

It’s true that people LOVE websites, social media, Twitter, Google, and they’re addicted to their iPhones.

But the issue is that people are humans first, and still gravitate towards other humans!

One of the best ways you can possibly stand out (on your websites and on social media) is by presenting yourself at your best with a professional headshot.

It helps to identify who you are, showcases yourself at your best, and also gives a personal touch that you better hope your competitors aren’t using!

2. Familiarity

People BUY from PEOPLE that they know, like, and trust.

It’s an absolute fact that by putting your best foot forward with a professional headshot, you’re literally triggering “long term” recognition from your end users.

The FIRST thing your end users will see when they visit your website, portfolio, or social media presence is you. Don’t you think it would be a wise idea to look your best, during this most opportune moment?

They’ll look at your eyes, and whether they like it or not, they’ll remember the sharp, clean professional image. They’ll remember you when you’re looking at your best and think – This person must take what they do seriously. They obviously have paid for some decent photos to project themselves in the best way possible. Right?!

This, in conjunction with the quality that you offer in your business, will ultimately result in unrivalled familiarity. And your end users won’t even know why they’ve felt like they’ve known you for their entire life.

And they won’t help but keep YOU in mind whenever they need any service or product that you offer.

3. Authority

Do you think if someone is promoting their business with an blurry unprofessional image in a daggy t-shirt, that they will command any authority at all?

I can’t tell you how many social media profiles I see with UNPROFESSIONAL photos that literally cost people dozens of clients!

The truth of the matter is that your clients, customers, buyers, and website visitors all active on social media and they’re watching you even if you think you’re private.

For that reason, using professional head shots on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and yes even Twitter is an absolute must if you have any intention of getting the respect and attention that your brand demands.

4. Long Term Relationships

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that a business of repeat buyers will always be superior to a business filled with ONE-OFF sales

Imagine if each of your clients thought of YOUR FACE every time they were thinking about getting a service that you offered. The personality you project in a decent photo is not only that you have attention to detail – and that will be reflected in your work – but you look the part.

Such possibilities are easily attained, as long as your websites and marketing material prominently showcase a professional headshot of you, or your staff at their best.

We think in images. Make sure your clients think of your professional headshot when they thing of your business.

5.       TRUST

Picture in your mind the most trustworthy person you’ve ever known. Did you notice that you have a clear image of that person?

It’s because you’ve never trusted anyone without a solid face next to their identity.

It’s literally impossible for you to trust anyone without knowing them, and having a crystal clear image of them right? The same is true for your end user!

If you’re operating a business WITHOUT a professional headshot of either you, or your spokesperson, or your staff, or whoever it is that you’re trying to brand, it will be impossible to ever achieve any level of trust with your end user and clientele.

For that reason, having a professional headshot is one of the CHIEF variables regarding the perception of trust that your business, service, or website emulates.

Think about it. It’s a small investment in the success of your business. I offer professional headshots and casual business portraits for individuals and large companies, and I am happy to work with you until we achieve the exact type of images you need for your corporate identity.

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