9 Ways To Have Fun On Your Family Photo-Shoot

  • HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER – Instead of going to a studio, consider hiring a local photographer to meet you at a convenient and beautiful outdoor location. This is much more interesting for the kids and you are able to get a lot more creative and have fun with your session more than you would in a small studio. 
  • LOCATION - If you're having a family photo session in Sydney, and have not booked a mini-session, this can give you more time to get the shots, and no doubt you will know some great locations you may have taken the kids before where they can be familiar with the surroundings. Although not always the case - this can make them more comfortable on the day and give you a little more peace of mind knowing what you can expect from where you are going. Knowing there is decent play equipment, toilets or even a free BBQ can really enhance the day into a more enjoyable outing. Choose a park or environment that has sun and shade - incase it turns out to be a really warm day. Keep in mind locations with large trees, flowers, water, bridges and play equipment as this can be really helpful for the photographer to get some interesting photos you will treasure forever.


  • INVITE ANOTHER FAMILY – One of the best things you could ever do, is to book a family photo session with a photographer for you and another family with young kids. Especially if all the children know each other they can play naturally and will make much more candid photos. The photographer can then take 10-15 pictures of your family and then your kids can run and play for a moment, while the photographer shoots a few photos of the other family and so on. It 's a great idea having breaks between photos and this helps the kids to me more manageable and helps with their limited attention spans when asked to do something they might not really want to do - and/or are not used to doing.


  • TAKE BREAKS – Even if you aren’t able to organise a double session with another family, try to take some breaks to let the kids breathe. Ask the photographer if they will do a couple shots of just you and your partner or just ask if the kids can have a few minutes to rest between shots.


  • LET THE KIDS BE CREATIVE – Work out what the kids like doing, and then frame it as a photo. When they do something they choose to do, photos can be much more candid and natural. This could be climbing, riding, playing on/with something or someone. The children will be absorbed in their own activity and with what they are doing and will most likely forget the camera is even there - you might even get a smile or two if you ask the right way.


  • ACTION SHOTS – Try taking pictures of everyone walking holding hands, or with the kids on mum & dad’s shoulders. Anything that involves movement, because as we all know…kids don’t like to hold still! Embrace their need to be constantly moving by giving them something to do!


  • BE THE CANVAS – If you want to get really creative, blow bubbles together, do a water fight photo session, or have a little paint war at the park with photos. Doing something crazy together can make for some really fun and candid shots for your family photo session.


  • BRIBERY – Most parents are not usually into bribery, but once a year on family photo day, many do resort to bribes. The trick here is to do it at the right time. If you say “we’re going for ice cream after we’re done taking pictures” right at the start, the kids will be impatient and won’t want to take any pictures. Instead, wait until about halfway through before you reveal the super-fun thing you will be doing after the photos are done. This gives the kids the second wind they need to get the last few shots.


  • HAVE FUN – Having your photo taken can be painful, especially for fathers who might rather be out fishing or enjoying the day off work without the pressure of posing for photos - But it really should not be that way. If you're out spending time with your family, you're going to be doing things that they love, and you all enjoy. Even parents should have breaks, and the photographer can concentrate on the kids while mum and dad just sit down and relax for a bit. If mum and dad are stressed then chances are the kids are going to act out. Do your best to go into the shoot as relaxed as possible and realizing things might get a little chaotic! Making the shoot as fun and laid back as possible will do a lot to help your family get some really beautiful photos this year - ones you can treasure forever. As a tip bring some small snacks and a drink for the kids so this limits the need to go away and search for a store to purchase snacks. Also a change of clothes for the younger ones is a good idea incase someone ends up falling in some water, mud or some other unforeseen thing takes place which can really spoil the mood. 

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