What is a Cake Smash Photo-Session?

cake smash photo session photographer sydney

It can sound like a really weird idea:

Get a perfectly good cake, then take photos of your 12-month-old making a real mess of it. But cake smashes are growing in popularity.

Cake smash photography sessions started in America a few years ago, but the trend has since grown in Australia.

The cake smash is usually done around the child’s first birthday, and the photos are often used on party invitations or just to mark the 12 month milestone. It’s often the first time the child has eaten so much cake, and the first time they’ve been allowed to do whatever they want with it – whether it’s face-planting into it, putting icing in their hair, or knocking the whole thing over then crawling through it!


  • Professionally made cakes photograph better.
  • Generally you want your child to be able to have a cake that breaks up easily. There is no need to go overboard with it, sponge cakes, butter cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, these are all soft and easy to consume and get stuck into
  • Don't keep the cake in the fridge beforehand as it can make it a little too cold and harden the icing making it harder to break up
  • Avoid colors like RED and BROWN (chocolate) as when mixed with drool this can look like blood and poop!
  • Vanilla cakes and a simple sponge cake can work really well - just use coloured sprinkles.
sydney cake smash photographer


  • Don't over-do it with props.
  • A solid colored background is best. If it's white, yellow blue,pink,green then that's fine.
  • I suggest not to have too many streamers and balloons and props as well as the cake a different colour covered in different things too. Your child will get lost and it will all look too busy.


  • A complete change of clothes is a great idea - this is going to be messy!
  • Paper towels, Wet-wipes, a bag to put all the cleanup material into is helpful too.
  • Some parents like to have a little plastic bathtub to get a few shots of the cleanup.
cake smash photo sessions sydney


  • Use a long 'solid color' paper roll backdrop that can come down the wall and along the floor allowing for easy tear-off and clean-up. Some photographers put a large clear perspex (plexiglass) panel on the floor as this helps with cleanup.
  • Don't expect that a 12 month old will realize he or she is expected to perform for a photo shoot. being dropped on the floor away from mum and dad in a strange environment can be traumatic - so ease into it, if everyone 'looks' like they are having some cake too then it may help.
  • Forget about candles and sparklers. Its all about the 'smash' 




The Cake Kitchen - Baulkham Hills

Contact: Dean


Phone: 0409 131 380

Dean from The Cake Kitchen was extremely affordable, helpful. Knew his product, and could not do enough to help. They can provide cakes for children sensitive to allergies and can create milk-free, gluten-free and many other types of cakes. I would recommend this local business to anyone wanting a FRESH quality product in the sydney hills district.