Why Trust a Professional For Life's Important Moments?

It is evident photography has evolved in a way that it has become extremely easy and available for everyone today. Gone are the days of taking your roll of film off to the lab to be printed. Technology and resources to create any image - in an instant - in now available for any situation you could imagine for almost no investment.

If you own a DSLR camera you can call yourself a photographer, If you have an iphone you are a lifestyle / fashion blogger and photographer - and almost immediately - you can share it all through social media networks via mobile phones, tablets and WIFI connected cameras

But there are certain moments that deserve to be shot by a trained, experienced photographer, and most importantly a 'professional' - a very overused word - specifically one with an eye for details who has actually invested years worth of time, many thousands of dollars learning their craft, and who is still actively learning and growing as a 'professional'

I love to see photography enthusiasts in the process of learning about gear, composition, and having a specific niche they work in. But, let’s face it, sometimes clients need to go beyond enthusiasts when they need a solution to be met and to have their expectations exceeded.

Its very important to achieve a high standard for clients. Especially for at least these three areas - Weddings, Family Portraits, Commercial Photography just to qualify be called 'Professional' and that does not just mean producing high-quality images!

Wedding Photography


This is one of those photography niches that require huge amount of skills to accomplish it in a creative and beautiful way, which at least mimics the 'standard' of a wedding photographer today. There are a lot of expectations when it comes to wedding photography, and it’s pretty logical since the risks of failure are pretty high. You don’t get a second chance to shoot the bride walking down the aisle, the first kiss, or the rings being put fingers - so it's highly important you don't leave it to chance by giving your camera to a mate, or getting a friend of a friend called Mikey who likes to take photos of landscapes to produce your photos.

There is always a lot going on in weddings, and one photographer alone is generally not enough. That’s the reason why photographers have second shooters and assistants. We know the key moments, we know the candid moments that can be anticipated, we know how to deal with stress, and above all, we know all this thanks to the experience we have gained through the years of being actively involved in planning and creating images. There are countless informative articles, that believe me, they are helpful and pretty accurate, but practice, practice, practice has created real acknowledged results which is what equals 'Experience'. I always advise people and friends who think they can DIY to always go for the ‘Hire a Professional’ approach here, so the risk will be minimized to a little freckle.

Every bride and groom deserves to have amazing quality images for their wedding. Adding to wedding photography there is also pre-wedding photo shoots, engagement sessions and post-wedding shoots. These both require a great level of experience in relation to planning. They might not be as risky as the wedding celebration itself, because the environment is much more controlled. But control only can be achieved by planning.

Experience says; you MUST be the kind of person that likes to have a detailed plan, be prepared and have a plan B,C and D. These sessions must not be left to improvisation. The Bride and Groom have huge expectations, weddings, engagements and couples sessions are filled with a lots of joy and excitement, and experienced pros know how to take make use of this excitement turning them into timeless memories.

Family Portraits

Even though Family Portraits are also a controlled environment, they still require a lot of planning. When you trust a pro in doing this with you, everything will run as smoothly as a natural and enjoyable moment. Everyone's personality is different, so meeting beforehand and planning helps to create a relationship that I believe is extremely important to capture the candid moments - the real stuff.

Is it natural to trust those you love around someone you don’t feel comfortable with?... someone you have just met, and who is giving you orders in relation to posing and acting? It sounds uncomfortable right?

That’s why I find that (If at all possible) it’s good to spend some time together on the day before the session, having a chat and getting to know all the people that are going to be in this shoot. Where they are from, what they do, how long they may have been married, what they like to do for fun, do they play sport or have a hobby?... It’s an important part of the planning.

When dealing with humans – putting yourself in their place is most important part of this process. Candid shots are best, but at times composing shots is needed. Posing for photos is not a natural thing to do - unless you have a selfie addiction - so putting your subject(s) at ease is the most important part of the process. A good photographer MUST be 80% psychologist and 20% photographer.

This a good reason for you to trust somebody that is approachable, has good people-skills and who is organized… and this can be found more easily in truly passionate about what they do.

Commercial Photography

commercial photographer sydney

It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational transatlantic corporation, or an entrepreneur with a promising start-up. Commercial Photography is always going to be needed for showcasing products, services and staff. Every product you provide has been built with care and planning, and this is why the images must not be underestimated.

Whatever product or service you provide, think about how you are coming across to your customers. If you look cheap, expect people to start with letting out a sigh and asking, “how much??” If you communicate quality you will attract customers who value quality and will be willing to pay for it. After all, you’re worth it!

Think about this... when you walk into a restaurant that has dirty windows and floors, does it make you think about how good and sanitary the food must be?...Yes of course.

When you see businesses advertising themselves with blurry, un-composed images of whatever it is they are trying to showcase, does that entice you to buy or visit?...No. It makes me think 'cheap!'

McDonalds sell fried, generally less than healthy foods - but do they take the time to make that food look as unbelievable irresistible as they possibly can? Yes. Does it look enticing?... Yes. They can make a boring burger look amazing.

What I am saying is that a photograph can help or hurt you. Take a simple step by investing in professional quality photos. Hire a local photographer who can display your product in the best way possible.

After that first positive impression, customers will be more intrigued to know your story, browse your products and make that purchase. You spend your precious time, money, blood, sweat and tears on your business. Show it!

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