Occupational Photography - Chip Fast Tree Service

Chip Fast Tree Service is a Hills Based Tree Service that has been making backyards, schools and business safe for over 20 years.

In business today - clearly showing your potential clients what your business can do for them has never been so important.

I was recently hired to photograph a tree that looked very healthy - but despite outward appearances the tree was deemed as 'catastrophic' by a very qualified team of arborists. 

This is one occupation where it's important to make sure you have a professional contractor to do the job for you. Safety is of highest importance when working around you and your neighbours properties. 

Many operators in the tree industry will work for you for cash, are unlicensed and uninsured and it's important to know your responsibilities and liabilities to make sure checks have been done before engaging such a service provider.

What does that mean?... If you pay someone to cut down your tree without the permit. YOU the owner of the property will be fined - as well as the contractor (if they can be found)

This makes it hard when you pay cash and especially if dont receive a receipt. There are no qualifications on the part of the contractor - Did you check their licence number online??

You nearly always need some kind of permission to take down a tree on YOUR property. It's always best to check these regulations as your local council as fines will be more than you can possibly imagine.

Each council has slightly different regulations - make sure you contact yours and check the regulations before engaging a contractor. If not, it could be a very expensive exercise. Councils also use google earth to see what trees may have been removed - so it's virtually impossible to hide the fact a tree was removed. Important to know know if you did not have permission to remove it.


Chip Fast Tree Service based in the hills district, Sydney will make sure your job is done safely and with all the proper checks and measures are taken before beginning your job. Contact them for an obligation free quote or safety inspection of trees on your property.

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