Headshots with Melina

After graduating with a masters degree in science, Melina is reaching out to companies to utilize her degree.

She explained she would love to work in the field of cancer research and really make a difference. This horrible sickness and affects so many people we know and love.

Sadly this area of research only gets so much funding. The list of people ready and willing and qualified to work in this area of interest is apparently phenomenal. She explained there is just not enough positions for all the people who qualify to work as a researcher for a cure for cancer

She explained to me there may be a job opportunity in Germany and it was a requirement to have some natural headshot photos to attach to her CV to apply for the position. After a phone call she arrived the next day to have her images done in-studio.

Do you need to update your corporate profile on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter or your CV / Resume?

Remember first impressions count. The phone selfie just won't cut-it these days. Neither will a 3 year old image of your former self.

I love connecting with people, finding out what they do for a living and putting as much as I can into helping them make the best impression they can with a great headshot. 

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