HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY @ Century 21 - Asquith

When you are a professional in your industry - you need to look like a professional. I was recently engaged to update staff headshots and group shots of the team at Century 21 in  Asquith - ensuring the consistent corporate look a real estate agent needs.


Estate agents realize that looking good in their industry really counts!

 Multiple studies have shown that people who looked happier and have a professional & corporate look in photographs were viewed as more trustworthy, while people who looked unhappier and dressed less that expected for their industry were viewed as less trustworthy.

Both happy looking and unhappy looking people were viewed as equally competent, but when people were asked who they would choose to be their financial advisor or who they would choose when dealing with important decisions with major assets like property, test subjects chose the happier more corporate looking person every time.

Looking at buying or selling in the Hornsby area?...

Jay and Valerie Naidoo are the owners of Century 21 in Asquith which is located opposite Coles @ 8 Wattle St, Asquith NSW 2077 - Phone 9482 3341