There is nothing like the bond of love that exists between a father and his son...

It's a beautiful thing to watch the way something as simple as being pushed on a swing or waves rolling in on the sand can captivate a young boys attention and seem so exciting that they could literally do it all day long.

Sure, we can all remember the time when the simple things in life made us happy. Riding our bikes, a new toy, spending the day with dad... but do we have many photos?

As our memories fade, and even printed ones too... Digital images are negatives that can be re-printed anytime!

How much we change as we grow, can only be reminded to us when we see photos of ourselves... of how we were all those years ago. Memories are easier to capture and more affordable than ever before today thanks to digital photography - and engaging a professional to record these memories starts here.

If you would like to remember the way your family looks right now, I'd love to have the opportunity to photograph you. Digital-only (one-hour) photography packages start from $249

For more information or to make a booking for your family photos - Call me on 1800 82 9994