Event Photography @ Ettamogah Pub

Event photography requires similar skills to wedding photography. Important events need to be captured well by a photographer that knows how to use his or her equipment properly.

Dimly lit venues require a comprehensive understanding of using flash indoors and the correct shutter speed. ‘Natural Light’ photographers just won’t be able to capture a thing in an environment like that.

Hiring a professional business/ event photographer in sydney is easy. Everyone is a professional - apparently.

Just because you are holding a camera worth 4-5k in your hand does not mean you are a professional anymore than if you have gone to buy a sports car and think you know how to drive fast.


Corporate events require the kind of photographer that does not spray-and-pray. You NEED to be able to get the shot in a few seconds.

Photoshop and lightroom won’t save you if you dont know how to use focus settings, your ISO is too high or your depth of field is too deep.

If you're looking for a corporate photographer in sydney capable of getting-the-shot- contact us for an obligation free quote for your next event.