FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY @ Sunset 'Golden Hour'

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm its the time when we are most active outdoors. Most photographers love to take advantage of ‘Golden Hour’ - the small window of opportunity just before sunset to capture images with the sunlight as beautiful backlighting

Often used for family photography, wedding photos and portraits this golden light can add a warmth to a photo like nothing else.

This was a natural light image. I did not have the time to prepare OCC [off camera flash] with this group of boys that were momentarily interested in participating in a photo. I had about 2 mins for them to allow me to direct them into position and look my direction.

If you have enough planning and willing subjects then it will all come together for you. What helps greatly is making the session fun, interesting and ‘cool’ for the kids will also greatly help with their willingness to participate.

At times a parent or relative standing directly ‘behind you’ can help the kids look your direction. Be careful - too many parents or people standing ‘behind you’ or ‘beside you’ will distract your subjects and this will prove to be a very difficult task that could turn into something like… "‘I want to walk over to my mum or dad’ instead of cooperating with the photographer.

You need to be 80% Psychologist and 20% photographer with most subjects. This will help them relax and not think too much about themselves, although kids dont generally display the same kind of self-conscious behaviour as adults. Keep them engaged and focused. Remember young ones have an extremely limited attention span and that can vary greatly from day to day with moods and ages.

As you can see expressions are varied. You should take a number of shots to find one that looks appealing, everyone has eyes open and mostly looking your way. The candid nature of the shot is what makes it real, so dont be afraid if someone has a unique expression. This could be a little window to their personality or something goofy that will all laugh at when they get a little older. Worst case scenario is you can photoshop one face from another image onto the one you want to use pretty easily if you did not manage to get one usable image.

Most of all… Have fun creating lifelong memories, which is personally my favourite part of photography. For these little guys, hopefully this something they will all appreciate when they are older. A photo in the field with their mates.


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