Getting The Kids to Cooperate in Family Photos

This is generally one of the most stressful things for a parent, especially mums - family photos! 
But with some planning and these tips- you’ll be prepared…

  1. When telling your children about your family photo day…act excited like it’s going to be SO much fun! Often attitude is contagious

  2. Get the kids involved from the beginning. Let them help choose what they’re going to wear and what they might like to bring along as props, then they will feel included and be more likely to cooperate.

  3. Plan in advance! It’s hard to be happy and positive when you are out of time and the kids are in one of those moods were they just don’t want to be helpful.

  4. Invite an “entertainer” to stand behind or beside the photographer to get the little ones or baby to look and smile. This can be a family friend, or even someone with a not so scary outfit on to get their attention.

  5. Make sure you plan to shoot for when your kids are most happy. Not just the time that is the most convenient. Work your appointment around your regular routine… They won’t be happy if it’s hot and there is nothing to drink or hungry and there is no time for food or they have missed there usual nap time.

  6. Breaks are beneficial. Let them run and play in-between shooting. This breaks the monotony of having to be in one place, doing what you want them to do for an extended period of time.

  7. Better still – Play with them during the pictures! You will get natural, candid shots and capture your little ones just the way they are without having to pose.

  8. Play Peek a Boo, Tickle or swing baby into the air for real, genuine expressions.

  9. Bring food and drink snacks for mid-shoot melt-downs. This is also a great photo opportunity while they are snacking.

  10. Use props you can ride like bikes or carts, toys you can throw, bubbles or even an old camera to keep them happy.

  11. Promise them about what their reward will be when the photo shoot is over. Who said bribing is bad?

  12. Use a specific word (like chocolate or ice-cream) to remind them of the reward throughout the photo-shoot. It really helps!