Mobile POS (MPOS) Payment Solutions for Small Business.

Getting your customers to view your small business as professional by being able to accept EFTPOS payments is becoming more and more simple.

PayPal has always been a convenient way to 'get paid' and 'pay' businesses as its linked to your nominated credit card or bank account. They have decided to make it easier for people that are less familiar with this payment method and created PayPal.Me

Simply create your PayPal.Me business profile and then give customers your link for them to send you a payment from their PayPal account or they can use their credit card. What if your customer does not have a PayPal account?... Easy. They have made it super fast and easy to be able to join and pay in a few clicks.

View how simple it is by looking at my profile which offers a simple explanation of the businesses and you set the amount you would like to pay.

A device-free simple way to receive payments.

Have a PayPal Business Account?.... 'PayPal Here' is a mobile device that connects via bluetooth to your mobile phone with their APP to take CREDIT CARD Payments (Not Cheque or Savings) via a machine you can 'swipe' or 'insert' cards or make contact-less payments that attracts NO Monthly-fee and No Contract.

The device is available from Officeworks for $149

ANZ also now offer a payment solution for business that have lower EFTPOS transactions/sales than a traditional business called ANZ FastPay - which is a swipe and chip reading device.

ANZ FastPay is relatively cheap at $5 per month.

Transaction fees for the merchant are slightly higher than a normal MPOS terminal, but much the same as PayPal transaction fees. ($5 a month for 'device' plus $10 a month for a 'merchant account' vs. around $100 per month for a typical Mobile EFT terminal including merchant account fee)

This simple device plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile phone. With the Free App - you only need a merchant account to be ready for MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) transactions. 

This tiny device displays the scrambled key positions for entering your pin which changes after each number entry. Its a little different but is supposed to be highly secure as neither device can store pin or card information.

Fast Pay.png

No need for a printer to create a reciept, just enter the customers email address during the transaction for them to have one emailed immediately. Transactions each day are generally available in your account after 6:30pm each day.

In 2016 sometime - FastPay is soon to be contactless for even faster tap-and-go transactions.

In a world where we are all time-poor, I use a few of these payment methods in my business to make payments quicker and easier for both me and my client.