Sick of trying to take the perfect mobile phone shot on-site to show your customers what you do in your business?

A mobile phone can take amazing images, but professional digital cameras DSLR's are designed to use all the available light to record an image, create depth of field (blur a background) and capture motion.

A website or business portfolio that has grainy, dark and out-of-focus images will only tell your potential customer that you dont care - the little things are not important to you - and that's exactly what you DON'T want to say about your business!

To stand out from the crowd in business, attention-to-detail is everything - especially when competing in a market that may be saturated - what makes YOU different from everyone else?... Put your best foot forward and show potential clients you care about your business, right down to the quality of the images which will help promote you in the best possible light.

How can clients SEE what you do if you dont show them properly? 

Showing clients what your business is capable of, should not just be snapped with the idea - that'll do. Documenting a project tells a professional, detailed story. Details matter!