Headshots were the 'old portrait' but times have changed, and the demand is shifting depending on your craft. 

Headshots are commonly used by business professionals on websites that list employees, officers, agents and so forth.

Actors and models use headshots because the story needs to be told by their expression and look. Personalities like broadcasters, writers, athletes benefit from portraits that depict their profession.

Portraits are also often used for advertising and editorials. Portraits can be used by the type of story they tell. For example: skills, a profession, a business, or to include a location.

Business portraits are about marketing, branding and the business of your industry. They are a visual representation of your competence and reputation.

Essentially a business portrait tells someone about what they do.  A picture of a person with other elements or background to help tell the story. Here is some examples.


Real Estate Agent - Beside a sold sign

Doctor - In a treatment room

Lawyer - In a courtroom

Designer - Looking at designs or something they have designed.

Company Director - In their office, dressed like the boss!


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The images mentioned above don’t need words to tell you the profession of the subject. When done just right, it can make the person in the image seem even more competent at their trade.

The benefits of soft or hard lighting can create a more dramatic look and add character or denote power, approachability, even invoke emotions like trust.

A business 'portrait' is different from a 'headshot' - A business 'portrait' is a visual representation of you and your trade

If your thinking about, or need to organise a business portrait for yourself, your staff or even as a gift - call1800 82 9994 to discuss your needs. It's more affordable than you might think.