This is a professional service, designed to provide a quality 'Headshot' or 'Portrait' at your place of business FOR a competitive price.

SESSIONS include all files (edited) and delivered in both high and low resolution formats in full color and will be made available within 48 hours via secure digital download.


A 'Headshot' image is considered in the industry to be from the chest/breast area to the top of the head.

A ‘Headshot’ the best way to be most recognized as the focus is on your face. Images used on LinkedIn or on websites, can be quite small so a ‘Headshot’ is best because the face is the focus, people are more likely to notice you.

A Business 'Portrait' is most beneficial to depict you in your work environment, If you are a designer, an artist, a beautician, or a specialist in your field business a 'Portrait' shows you in the context of what you do.

I think a 'Headshot' or business 'Portrait' should be relaxed, feel natural and bring out the personality of each person and be a painless experience. A 'Headshot' or 'Portrait' is essential for:

Modeling, Pitch Decks, Conference Speaker, Founding Photos, Press Packs, Google Plus, Bloggers, LinkedIn, Twitter, Model Portfolios, Facebook Profiles, Actors, Dating Website Photos, Children, Presenters, Business Cards, Dancer Portfolios, Fashion Look-books, Promotional People, Media Kits, PR Images, Business Portraits, Environmental Portraits, Dancers, Resumes, Staff Photos




Unlimited OR LIMITED Shots

Although I state the amount of images you will receive providing a guide as a 'minimum' - I will keep shooting until you are happy with the results. We can preview your images in real-time and make necessary adjustments to positioning, clothing or your hair (ladies) so you know on-screen when you have achieved the look you want or need for your headshot photos.

Choose Your Look

A 'look' defines the clothing and background for the shoot. Additional 'looks' can be included with some packages. if you are not sure of the look you want we can try a few test-shots with different looks to see what works best for you and what you prefer.

Image Re-Touching

Each image you select for your final images will be edited to remove unwanted aspects like skin blemishes, teeth whitening and similar are included in every image delivered.

Image Format

You will be supplied with 2 versions if needed - the high resolution version and a web version in a reduced file size format. 

Express Delivery

Need same-day service and same-day delivery? If time allows I can edit your selected images so you have them on the day. 

Additional Images

Like additional images from your shoot? - No problem. They can be provided as extras and delivered.


I will come to your business to setup a 'studio area' and take your images during your lunch break or a time allocated by yourself or your employer. Should you need them done over a weekend in my studio - come to me for no extra charge.

Group Discounts

Do you have a few colleagues who need Headshot photos too? If you have at least 5 others who need their photos, I offer group discounts. Speak to me regarding group headshot discounts.


Mobile EFTPOS and PAYPAL payments available.


For more information about available services for Headshot or Portrait photography please visit the SERVICES page.


Would you like a portrait photo of yourself? Someone you love? or would you like to update the photos of the kids?

I am a Sydney photographer, whose mission it is, to create the most, authentic and powerful portraits I can, and make you irresistible in the eyes of the person that matters most...YOU!

My photo packages come with a minimum, but are generally unlimited. If you book me for a session, I won’t stop taking photos until I feel I have captured the images needed and we are both happy.

I'm happy to work with you to give you exactly the type of images you want, and offer a peace-of-mind money-back guarantee for all my photography work.

If you are not happy and it's not possible to re-shoot. I will refund your money. Simple.

Not sure what you need?... click the REQUEST A QUOTE button below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



Simple, affordable fixed pricing for Family Photography

Booking a Family Shoot with me won't break the budget.
Book your Family Photographer for just 20 mins or up to half a day. 


Lowest Booking Fee Plans


Unlimited Digital Image Plans


Why choose me to photograph your family?


Low fixed prices

Don't pay thousands for the same end product.  Just one get simple, reasonable upfront rate.

Your own personal gallery

After your shoot, you'll receive a hosted private gallery where you can download digitals and order prints.

ill work with you - not just for you

I'm happy to work with you to give you exactly the type of images you want

Exceptional customer service

I am the photographer and the business owner. Ill endeavour to make sure you get exactly what you want


Need advice on what to wear and how to organize the kids for your photo shoot? 

Visit MY BLOG for helpful some helpful tips.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in-love.

A couple that have a real chemistry together is a beautiful thing - and it really makes powerful and candid photos. 

To look back at these memories of your wedding, engagement or just being together is priceless. I'd love to deliver to you a package of images that really defines who you both are, and showcases what you both have together as a couple. 

I personally offer a peace-of-mind money-back guarantee. If you are not happy and it's not possible to re-shoot. I will refund your money. Simple.

Not sure what you need?... Click the button below and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.


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Professional, Affordable Kids Portraits


My mission as a photographer is to capture and provide you and your family with images that reflect who you are at this stage of life, making memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations to come.

One thing that you'll treasure most as your children get older, is to be able to look back through the years of their life through professional printed images. As adults we can appreciate obtaining a small glimpse into our past when we see a much younger version of ourselves when looking at old photos.

All parents have mobile devices filled with mobile phone images of their child, but unfortunately, because of the disposable nature of technology these days - these images may even be lost forever. I can help you create some lasting memories with 2 simple options - as listed below


KIDS PORTRAITS sessions can be purchased to suit your needs:







If you're thinking of having some professional photos taken, have a look at a few useful tips on MY BLOG for how to get the kids to cooperate on the day. 

Not sure what you need?... Click the button below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you need a photographer for your next family function, animal event, or business function, festivals, concert, sports day?

My style of photography would best be described as documentary. Telling a story about the event is important for the viewer to be able to see what they may have missed-out on encouraging future visits if this is a venue or recording important memories such as weddings and family events.

My photography style would best be described as documentary and story-teller

Corporations often hire event photographers to work at big corporate occasions. Parties, conferences, retirement dinners, and company promotion events can all require the services of a photographer good with crowds and large gatherings.

I'm happy to work with you to create exactly the type of coverage and images you need.



Trying to show your customers what you do in your business with your mobile phone?

Do you find you spend so much time looking after your customers - you just simply dont have time?

A mobile phone can take amazing images, but it has its limitations. Industry standard, professional digital cameras DSLR's are designed to use all the available light to record an image, create depth of field (blur a background) capture motion, and create super high resolution image for print and media.

You dont get a second chance to make a good first impression in business.

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A website or business portfolio with images that has grainy, dark and out-of-focus images will only tell your potential customer that you dont care - the little things are not important to you. That's exactly what you DON'T want to say about your business!

To stand out from the crowd in a saturated business market, attention-to-detail is everything. What makes YOU different from everyone else?

Show potential clients you care about your business, right down to the quality and composition of the images which will help promote you in the best possible light.

Documenting a project tells a professional, detailed story. Details matter!

Need creative photography for your business to increase customer engagement? Call 1800 82 9994



Planning to update your Website, Restaurant or Cafe menu?

Professional photos is the best way to make customers pay attention. Why?... Because you eat with your eyes first.

Food photography is done in many different ways, but ideally food photography is shot from above or from a 45 degree angle. A shallow depth of field blurs the background and separates the food from everything else.

Food styling is generally done by the client or a food stylist, although I can offer some suggestions as to what will and won't photograph best.

Why is food photography so important?... Because "You eat with your eyes first..."

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Contact me on 1800 82 9994 for an obligation free chat, if you would like to know more about Food Photography or to discuss some images you might have in mind for your business.



Headshots were the 'old portrait' but times have changed, and the demand is shifting depending on your craft. 

Headshots are commonly used by business professionals on websites that list employees, officers, agents and so forth.

Actors and models use headshots because the story needs to be told by their expression and look. Personalities like broadcasters, writers, athletes benefit from portraits that depict their profession.

Portraits are also often used for advertising and editorials. Portraits can be used by the type of story they tell. For example: skills, a profession, a business, or to include a location.

Business portraits are about marketing, branding and the business of your industry. They are a visual representation of your competence and reputation.

Essentially a business portrait tells someone about what they do.  A picture of a person with other elements or background to help tell the story. Here is some examples.


Real Estate Agent - Beside a sold sign

Doctor - In a treatment room

Lawyer - In a courtroom

Designer - Looking at designs or something they have designed.

Company Director - In their office, dressed like the boss!


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The images mentioned above don’t need words to tell you the profession of the subject. When done just right, it can make the person in the image seem even more competent at their trade.

The benefits of soft or hard lighting can create a more dramatic look and add character or denote power, approachability, even invoke emotions like trust.

A business 'portrait' is different from a 'headshot' - A business 'portrait' is a visual representation of you and your trade

If your thinking about, or need to organise a business portrait for yourself, your staff or even as a gift - call1800 82 9994 to discuss your needs. It's more affordable than you might think.


The changes that happen to a woman when a child grows inside them is completely amazing. Document this transformation with some keepsake images. 

When is the best time to have your baby bump photos taken? You want your belly to be big and beautiful, but you don't want it to be so large that posing and holding different positions for any length of time becomes to tiring.

Getting to the start of your third trimester between 28-40 weeks really is the beginning of the countdown to when you will be having your baby.

Generally taking photos from around 30 weeks onward is the best time - when all of your baby’s organs and systems will be preparing for life outside your body. That's when your belly gets really round, but it's not too heavy yet.

Don't wait!... Because you will never get the chance to document these exciting changes in an interesting and creative way again!

You have one chance to document these amazing changes

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This is a professional service provided with a husband and wife photographer in a comfortable location by mutual arrangement or in studio

You are welcome to use your own props, and have your partner present on the day to be photographed with you.



Product photography can be done a few ways; and depending on which way you choose will depend on the story it tells your customers. It will either say:

  • My business reflects real attention for detail and that will be translated into the service you receive from me.

  • I don't really have time for this. Its not that important what product photos look like - can you tell?

  • I have attempted to show you what I want you to buy. I used my phonE. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?



Remember. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

It does not matter what you are selling. If its on your website, on social media or even on EBAY, you really need to make some effort.

Sites like EBAY remind you when listing how statistically, your product will more likely be sold with an image. Those statistics increase when you have quality, high-impact images.

Don't leave your sales to chance. Invest in product photography for your business and tell your customers you care enough to have taken the time to employ a professional. You (do the right thing) when it comes to running your business properly - and this will encourage them to more likely to buy knowing they have your full support during the process - giving you confidence the product is how you have advertised it.

Product photography is cheaper than you might imagine. Request a quote and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to talk to you about your needs.



Trying to create eye-catching fashion photography for your online store, blog and social media?

Well its easy...If you have a mood board, models who look good and know how to wear,walk and pose in the clothing, have all the clothing prepared for the shoot on the site - wrinkle-free, have locations chosen, the weather is good, you have a good camera, off camera lighting gear, post-processing software... Just do it yourself!


Well, actually its harder than you think. But that's why employing a pro is the best option you can take. Realistically if plans have been documented and you've got the clothing, then the professional can work with the rest.

So you have a small business, a limited budget and want amazing images... I can help.


In the real world. People dont have tons of money to throw at advertising - and that's the clients I deal with mostly. Lets talk about your plans. Models who know what they are doing dont come free, and photography equipment is not cheap. But knowing someone who knows how to use a camera, lighting and give direction to models and who has creative input is a huge bonus.

I like to help create exciting and memorable images for brands regardless of the budget. I’m always keen to hear from ambitious new clients looking to create fresh content so please get in touch and let's make something stunning!

 Collectively we can collaborate to make your plans a success.